Complete pilates training in just 15 minutes (video)

Complete pilates training in just 15 minutes

Don't have time to exercise? Never mind. Introducing a Pilates workout of just 15 minutes. Each of the exercises is designed to strengthen your entire torso.

This program was designed by Sara Colquhoun, a Pilates trainer with 17 years of experience and the latest instructor of the famous SWEAT.

All exercises are based on the Pilates program and designed to strengthen the torso and increase the mobility of your body. At the same time, if you persist in these fifteen-minute exercises for a while, you should notice that your muscles are better defined. They also have a positive effect on posture.

You don't need special equipment: a yoga mat or a simple towel and comfortable clothes are enough for most exercises. Along with them, you will also need one screw and two bottles filled to the top with water (weights, if you have them), and only if you want to intensify some exercises.

During these 15 minutes, you will be guided through two phases of exercise: the first has seven exercises, and the second eight. Each exercise lasts a minute. If you are in shape and you think that this is not strong enough training for you, you can repeat each exercise twice.

Ready? Let's begin

Pilates training in just 15 minutes

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