Do it yourself: Botox hair treatment

Do it yourself: Botox hair treatment

Botox treatment is one of the most sought-after methods for hair recovery. This does not even surprise us given its regenerative power. The application of this treatment is recommended in the case of dry and frizzy hair, as well as if you often treat your hair with paint or blanch. 

Botox treatment will nourish and regenerate the hair and infuse it with new energy. You can try it at a hair salon. However, if you are short on time, or you are not able to make an appointment, you can do it yourself at home. How? Very simple - with our guidelines! 

To be successful in that mission, it is necessary not to omit any of the planned steps. So, study our plan well, get the necessary "tools" and - get to work!


  • a bottle of Botox
  • paintbrush
  • nylon bag or foil
  • hair shampoo
  • hair balsam

Seven steps to Botox treatment!

Step 1: Buy a bottle of Botox in stores that specialize in selling hairdressing equipment.

Step 2: Before applying the product to the hair, wash it in the usual way.

Step 3: Mix the contents of the bottle with 150 milliliters of water.

Step 4: If the mixture does not mix well, heat it a little under a stream of warm water. You can also do this on low heat - until the mixture becomes completely compact.

Step 5: Divide the hair into several strands. Then apply the mixture from the roots to the tips of the hair with a paintbrush.

Step 6: Put a nylon bag or foil on your head. After that, heat the package with a hairdryer for about 20 minutes.

Step 7: Rinse your hair and apply hair balsam. Then rinse hair balsam.

The effect of Botox treatment

After the Botox treatment, the result will be immediately noticeable. You will be pleasantly surprised - you will feel the fullness of the hair under your fingers. Your hair will be smooth, hydrated, regenerated… For lasting results, it is recommended that you repeat this treatment every two weeks.

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