Fashion signpost: How to choose nylon socks

How to choose nylon socks

Should you choose black nylons or those with a print? Don't underestimate the role of nylon socks in creating your styling!

Nylon socks are often an addition to everyday clothing combinations, especially in winter. Many might say that there is no special philosophy here, but the choice of nylon socks and the way you wear them can both improve and compromise your style. 

There are many different models on the market, so mistakes when choosing are not uncommon. So, in order not to deviate from the real fashion path, we reveal some basic rules that you should not break if you intend to characterize yourself as a lady of style.

How to choose the right nylons for your fashion combination?

Leather colored socks

If you can avoid them, it is best to do so. If, on the other hand, you opt for nylon socks in nude shades, reach for matte models and try to completely adapt them to skin tones. Always keep in mind that they must be completely invisible - just like other skin.

Mesh stockings

You should be especially careful with this type of socks since they can easily cause a bad effect. If you opt for them, choose less challenging clothes, as well as pieces in inconspicuous shades. Mesh socks go well with jeans, three-quarter pants, midi skirts, as well as dresses of reduced shapes.

Colored nylons

In this case, it is important to avoid too bright colors. Opt for burgundy, navy blue, kerosene-green, gray… If, on the other hand, you take a risk, wear them with shades of the same name cut with neutrals. By all means, by no means combine them with more than three colors. And always pair cool tones with cool, and warm with warm!

Patterned and glittery tights

Patterned tights require calmer clothing combinations. Elegant designs, rhomboids, or polka dots (in one tone) look great with a little black dress or some other monochrome option. The same rule applies to glitter options.

Black nylons

Although they are considered a "safe story", there are rules when it comes to black nylons. Fully transparent options, as well as high gloss, almost never look good. In this case, by no means lose sight of one rule - the thicker the clothes, the fuller the socks must be.

Models with print

Multicolor printing is allowed only if you know how to bring it out. And exclusively paired with a completely black wardrobe of very simple lines. Any other option could very easily cross the kitsch line. And we’re sure you don’t want that!

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