How can the skin look younger and fresher in just four weeks?

skin look younger and fresher

A few small but strategically designed changes in your care regimen will help you - in four weeks - breathe new energy into your skin!

You have been planning to bring certain novelties to your care regimen for a long time to ensure a younger, brighter, and fresher appearance of the skin. But there is no way to put that plan into action - you are not sure where to start. 

Our four-week plan will provide you with much-needed guidance on how to make your skin look younger and help you achieve your goal. Only, it is important to be consistent!


Don't leave the house without SPF!

Without a doubt, applying SPF daily is the most important thing you can do to protect your skin from (premature) aging. When you open the bottle, pour half of the SPF preparation into the spoon. It is enough to do it only once to know how much of this product is enough for the face. And then apply it to your skin every morning!

Increase the dose of antioxidants

The food pyramid may be overwhelmed, but experts still recommend five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Some of these foods effectively slow down the aging process. Also, dermatologists believe that the antioxidants you consume are just as effective as those from cosmetics.

Provide more (quality) sleep

Lack of sleep is manifested by obvious signs of aging (dark under-eye circles, loss of skin glow…), as well as less obvious (weight gain, decreased immunity…). That's why you try to provide seven to nine hours of quality, night's sleep. You try to go to sleep and get up at about the same time because the body likes routine. 


Refresh the skin

The most effective way to do this is exfoliation. Exfoliate twice a week. If you find it difficult to remember, activate the reminder on your mobile phone.

Adjust your makeup routine

If you are over 34, try these methods…

Twist your lashes. Over the years, the lashes become thinner. Therefore, try to use a curler every day.

Blush. Now you probably don't have to laugh anymore while applying blush (cheekbones become more pronounced), because the fat tissue on the face decreases with age. Make-up artists advise applying blush on the cheekbones in a normal position.

Draw the eyes. Draw a thin line with a dark pencil along the edge of the upper lashes. Its outer end should be slightly thicker and pulled upwards.


Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking enough water during the day is absolutely the best way to properly hydrate both the skin and the body as a whole.

Hydrate your skin like a pro

Limit the use of soap. Some experts advise the complete absence of soap and order morning washing only with warm water.

Provide the necessary ingredients! Glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides are three substances that ensure proper hydration. You did a good job with one of them in the composition, with two - great!

Apply the product to damp skin. As soon as you gently absorb the water from your face with a towel, immediately apply the moisturizer. This will ensure longer moisture retention in the skin.


Protect your skin

As well as facial skin, you must protect your hands and neck daily with SPF. Remember the half-teaspoon rule? Use the other half for other parts of the body exposed to the sun's rays.

Include fats in your diet

Understandably, we mean healthy fats - those that are equally beneficial for general health and perfect skin appearance. Unsaturated fats are found in olive oil, avocado, and flaxseed. Also, eat 30 g of nuts most days of the week, and fatty fish three times a week.

Accelerate skin glow

Buy saffron seed oil and keep it in the bathroom. This food is rich in linoleic acid, which the body uses for the synthesis of ceramide, a key part of the skin's protective barrier. Rub this oil into the skin of the body while it is still moist (after showering).
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