How to choose the perfect jeans?

How to choose the perfect jeans

Choosing the perfect jeans is not easy at all, especially if you are trying to stay in trend. Do you choose skinny or boot cut? High or medium waist? What do those labels even mean? And, a question for a million: how do I choose the perfect jeans?

We have prepared answers to all these questions in our guide.

How do I choose the perfect jeans?

There are three key points you need to decide before you buy pants. Well, before you even try them. Those points are waist height, model, and color of jeans.

What waist of jeans suits me?

A narrow waist is the desire of every woman. Here's how to choose the waist of jeans, and highlight the best and hide flaws.

Low rise

This type of jeans suits a really small number of lucky women. Wear it only if you are slender and endowed with curves or if you are purely athletic. In doing so, be sure to make sure that the size is right for you. Otherwise, they may fall off, or a "loop" may form when you sit down.

Mid-rise waist

If you don't know what to do, look for this label. This type is suitable for most women because it provides support and shape in the area of ​​the buttocks and lower abdomen. At the same time, he still emphasizes the waist enough for the whole clothing combination to keep its shape. It is suitable for all types of materials.

High rise

If you have an athletic build or are built like an hourglass, this is ideal for you. A high waist can also help control the lower abdomen, but in this case, it is very important not to combine it with short or fitted blouses. This combination is good only if you put your lower abdomen under control and away from view jeans

Which model of jeans suits me?

This is the most important moment of the purchase: which model of jeans will you choose? What exactly suits your material?

Boyfriend jeans

How to pair: These are wide-leg jeans, reminiscent of male models. Pair them with blazers and heels and choose narrower tops.

Who they suit: they suit women of athletic build or those with a round body, with a problematic abdominal area.

Straight leg

How to pair: these are cousins ​​of skinny jeans, but they allow your body to have some flaws. They can be combined with literally everything. They are good in combination with a simple T-shirt and ballet flats, but also with heels and a cut-out blouse.

Who do they suit: women who are citizens like an hourglass, those with a problematic stomach area, but also those boys who can wear these jeans.

Bell socks (boot cut)

How to pair: bell socks go great on heels, but also ankles. Since they emphasize the lower part of the figure, it is easier to choose the upper part of the clothes. You can choose anything. The only thing you should avoid is oversized sweatshirts.

Who do they suit: an hourglass figure, as well as women with strong hips and small breasts, will adore these jeans. They are also created for women with bulky buttocks. (Read also: Trends in street fashion for 2021: We will want to wear this)

Bell towers (flared jeans)

How to pair: unlike boot cut farks, which spread the legs only at the bottom, these are real, straight bell towers from Woodstock. They were forgotten for a while, and now they are returning in full force. The first recommendation is to use those with oversized or waisted clothes.

To whom they answer: Here again, women whose body has the shape of a pear or an hourglass are winning, and their buttocks are not out of the question either. Who says women with curves have nothing to train?

Skinny jeans

How to pair: they do not change your figure, they are just closer to the article than any other farce. They are perfect for pairing with oversized clothes, with wider pieces. You should play with the volume of the upper part of the clothes to achieve the desired impression, all depending on your physique.

To whom they answer: hand on heart, they answer only to the skinny. But since we all love them, there is a simple rule of how to wear them without looking vulgar. For larger women and women with curves, the golden rule is dark skinny.

What color jeans to choose?

When you have chosen a model of jeans and an adequate waist, you are sure that they will fit you well. It is also important to adjust the color of the jeans, primarily according to the occasion for which you choose them.

Dark jeans

They are created for almost all body types. Larger women should look for dark blue and black jeans. The rest can be a shade lighter jeans.

Bright jeans

These are colors that we can wear whenever we want and whatever material (except extremely large) we want. One rule is the lighter or washed out the jeans, the more "casual" the combination, which means they are unsuitable for some occasions.

Colored jeans

Colored jeans are great for spring and summer. If you choose, make sure you focus on olive or wine-colored jeans.

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