How to choose the perfect perfume!

How to choose the perfect perfume

When we leave the first impression, we only have 30 seconds to introduce ourselves. The person we meet unconsciously analyzes the following things: clothes, shoes, body posture, and smell. So, choosing a perfume is not just shopping, it is like a personal stamp. So how do you choose the perfect perfume?

So, learn how to choose the right perfume for yourself. (Read also: Top perfumes 2021: The most sought after new fragrances)

Choose the perfect perfume

It is only important to follow a few basic rules.

  • During one visit to a perfumery, you should not try more than four perfumes.
  • Try perfumes on a piece of paper first. Only if you like it, try it on your skin.
  • When you try a perfume, you always do it on the back, approximately where your pulse point is.
  • Wait a few minutes before smelling the back.
  • If you like it, wait 15 minutes and check again.

Distinguish the labels on perfume bottles

Each bottle contains a certain concentration of fragrance. It’s not the same whether you choose perfume or cologne. In principle, colognes are the lowest concentration, the weakest smell, and durability, but the price is the most affordable. Perfumes are the strongest and most persistent, but their price is quite high. (See also: Fragrant Favorites: Which Perfumes Are Chosen by the Stars)

Here's what the labels on the perfume bottles mean:

Eau de Cologne: Concentration - 2% —4%, lasts about 2 hours

Eau de Toilette: Concentration - 5% —15%, lasts up to 4 hours

Eau de Parfum: Concentration - 15% —20%, lasts up to 5–6 hours

Perfume: Concentration - 20% -30%, lasts up to 10 hours

Is the perfume original?

This is one of the common questions asked by women, primarily because many perfumes are procured "under the arm" and not in perfumeries. Checking the serial number, which many reaches for, is not the most reliable way to check the originality of the perfume, because this code is the easiest to copy. What you should pay attention to is the packaging.

The original perfume must have a box wrapped in thin, neat cellophane. Run your hand over it - you shouldn't feel any unevenness anywhere. Also, all boxes of original perfumes have cardboard inserts and bottles whose caps are symmetrically made.

How do I know how the perfume will smell later?

All perfume manufacturers use a fragrant pyramid. This means that the notes of the perfume are arranged in three basic groups:

Top notes - you will feel the first and they disappear after about fifteen minutes of wearing

Middle notes - this is a scent that, if you wait a bit, you will feel in the perfumery. How long it will last depends on the concentration and quality of the fragrance you have chosen

Base notes - this is the base of the perfume and it is the scent that will last the longest

How to choose the perfect perfume?

There are hundreds of fragrant notes in the world of perfumes that are carefully combined. Most perfumes have at least five basic scents in them.

Citrus notes guarantee you a perfume that is light and refreshing. They are chosen for daily perfumes. These perfumes are considered active and business.

Floral scents vary from the weakest to the strongest and can be for the day, but also the night. These perfumes are considered romantic.

Woody perfumes are usually strong and very often belong to the unisex segment. They can be worn both day and night. These perfumes are considered a business.

The oriental note is usually quite strong and these are perfumes that need to be carefully dosed. They are associated with sensuality.

Musk notes are extremely strong and are kept for special occasions. These perfumes are considered seductive.
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