Recipe for longevity: This grandmother is 81 years old and destroys all fitness challenges!

81 years old and destroys all fitness challenges

If you've been following the internet at all or spent at least 10 minutes on TikTok, you must have heard of Erika Risko. This amazing woman is 81 years old and is breaking down fitness challenges. She is a fitness maniac. Or, as she likes to say: fitness addict.

In the last year, and she has been active online since April 2020, she has performed every popular fitness challenge. No wonder she managed to be followed by 117,000 people in less than a year and to collect over two million likes.

- I've been insecure all my life. Then I started posting videos on this network and the response was very positive. It's so exciting - said Risko in an interview for the famous "Good morning, America".

She started practicing in her fifties

Although she has always been crazy about exercising, Risko dared to post the first video only at her daughter's urging. And with a little help from the pandemic that locked her in the house. First, she started participating in dance challenges with her husband, and then, very quickly, she reached the plank challenge. And plank is known to be a deadly exercise even for twice as young people.

But that's not even half of what this super-grandmother can do: she uses TRX straps, does bear plank and bear walking, and performs weight swings. If you now thought that she must have always been a sports guy - you are wrong. Crisco started exercising only in her fifties when the children went their own way.

- As both children were out of the house for the first time, I was lonely. That was the first time I joined a gym - says this great grandmother.

Today, this woman exercises twice a day, five days a week. He constantly tries different exercises and makes new combinations for training.

A recipe for longevity

It has a simple recipe for its super shape and longevity.

- Do nothing extreme - no need - and start slowly. Just eat healthily, but don’t scold yourself if you ever make a mistake. Find a sports activity that you enjoy, because if you don't enjoy it, you won't last - she says.
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