Science has proven: Exercise rejuvenates the skin

Exercise rejuvenates the skin

The skin is our largest organ. And tired exercise rejuvenates the skin. Just as it keeps other organs in top shape (heart, for example), it also protects our skin from aging and other damage.

When the heart rate speeds up during training, the muscles release more protein (IL-15), which activates the mitochondria and rejuvenates their functioning. This, over time, can make the skin look twenty-five years younger on a microscopic level. At least that's what the results of a study by the Canadian University "McMaster" show. 

At the same time, exercise helps the body control blood sugar levels and oxidative stress, reducing the end products of glycation. And they are the culprits for skin aging, and the deterioration of very important proteins, such as collagen. So, here's how exercise actually affects the skin…

Training regenerates

Strength training causes microdamage to the muscles. At the same time, it encourages muscle fibers to renew and be stronger. Studies show that exercise - whether it is endurance training or cardio - helps, by releasing anti-inflammatory proteins, to neutralize inflammatory processes in the body. It also reduces stress hormone levels.

Inflammation is one of the main causes of skin aging. When it neutralizes them, exercise rejuvenates the skin.

Substances that fight it protect collagen and help slow the onset of signs of aging. On the other hand, inflammation and stress are known to cause and worsen acne and eczema. Also, they endanger the skin barrier, making it dry and sensitive. 

And in the case of cuts or rashes, physical activity regulates the inflammatory response of the skin. Thanks to that, the initial, red, inflamed phase lasts shorter.

Physical activity improves circulation

Exercise stimulates blood flow in the entire body, including the skin. Improved circulation dilates blood vessels, which provides more nutrients and oxygen to skin cells. In general, based on the appearance of the skin, it can be assumed how healthy a person is. 

For a flawless complexion, the circulation is largely responsible. In addition to increased nutrient intake, good circulation also supports the excretion of free radicals and cellular side effects. All in all, train whatever you want, but do it intensely enough to speed up your heart rate.
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