The perfect combination for early spring: Knitted vest and leather pants

Fashion combination for early spring

That the knitted vest is the basic trend in street fashion, at least for the early season of 2021, has become clear to everyone so far. Whether you choose a vintage "from your grandfather's wardrobe" vest or opt for one of this year's oversized models, trendsetters say: take advantage of the set of tight leather pants and combine them.

How do I combine a knitted vest and leather pants?

Knitted vest and white shirt

If you are not sure how to get started, play it safe! Choose the vest you like and combine it with a classic white shirt and black leather pants. To complete this combination, pure white sneakers are unavoidable. You can use any of the current trends: those with a bumpy sole, but also classic white Adidas.


Knitted vest in an elegant combination

Yes, yes and this is possible. Choose a slightly more elegant model of a vest - roller skates or choose an oversized variant. Let it be bright, and the rest of the combination monochrome - black. On top of all that, high-heeled ankle boots and a striking purse are perfect.

Colored leather pants

Your leather pants aren't black? Never mind. Choose a plaid vest whose basic color matches your striking pants. Wear a white shirt or T-shirt under the vest to soften the effect. In addition to all this, the ideal footwear is martinis or boots of that type. The bag must match the shoes, so as not to distract from the rest of the striking outfit.

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