These makeup tricks will save you both time and money!

makeup tricks and tips

Most of us have mastered the basics when it comes to makeup, such as removing waterproof mascara, applying blush properly, covering acne with concealer… However, often, makeup artists surprise us. Their trump cards are make-up tricks, after which we simply ask ourselves: "How could I not know that ?!" We have united ten of them, so if you want to save time and money, but also emphasize your beauty - use them.

The best makeup tricks

  • Make lashes thicker
Do you know what the key to more luxurious lashes is? In loose powder. After the first layer of mascara, apply a small amount of this preparation on the lashes. This will add volume to the lashes and make them look thicker. After that, add another layer of mascara - to cover the dust. You will see the difference!

  • Distract yourself from under the eyes
Instead of applying concealer under the eyes in the usual way, apply it in the shape of an inverted triangle. Thanks to that, you will lighten your eyelids and redirect your attentive pupils. (Discover: Makeup artist reveals: This is how Gigi Hadid achieves foxy eyes)

  • Do not rush with artificial eyelashes
When applying false eyelashes, do not rush to put them on immediately after adding glue. Wait about 30 to 40 seconds until the glue dries. Thanks to that, the tape will not slip. After leaving the glue to dry for a minute, while putting on the artificial eyelashes, hold the mirror under the field of view and look at it. This will make it easier to place the tape right next to the lash line.

  • Extend the shelf life of mascara
If your favorite mascara has hardened a bit, add a few drops of saline solution and "stir" with a brush. This will refresh the mascara formula and extend its shelf life.

  • Use eye shadow as an eye pencil
Don't have an eyeliner? No problem, use a palette of shadows. Simply moisten the brush with water, dip it in the shade, and then frame the eye as you would with a classic pencil.

  • Create the illusion of bigger eyes
While a dark pencil on your waterline will narrow your eyes, a white pencil will achieve the opposite effect. Apply it on the bottom, waterline and create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. Also, this is a great way to camouflage red eyes.

  • Highlight your eyebrows
And in that mission, rely on a white pencil! Draw and then blend a thin, white line directly under the eyebrows. This way you will emphasize they're a natural onion.

  • Put your eyebrows in place
Have you run out of eyebrow gel? To shape even the most unruly eyebrows, try this "do it yourself" trick. Namely, apply a small amount of gel or hairspray on a clean brush and place the eyebrows in place. Quick and easy, nothing!

  • For fuller lips…
After applying the lipstick, dab a little highlighter into the cupid’s lip arch. You will immediately notice the difference!

  • Make your tinted cream
To make your tinted cream, mix equal amounts of liquid powder and moisturizer. For a summer, tan, add a few drops of gel bronzer. And for a sophisticated, dewy effect - a few drops of liquid highlighter.
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