This way you will get perfect smokey eyes

perfect smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are by far the most popular style in makeup. We reveal to you how to, simply and with your own hands, achieve perfect smokey eyes.

20 minutes and a couple of key products can do wonders. makeup should not mask you but emphasize what is most beautiful on your face.

When we hear smokey eyes most of us think of a black shadow all over the eyelid. Smokey eyes are, in fact, a technique where we have space to play with colors and intensity. Smokey eyes can be adapted to any eye shape and any occasion.

The most important step is to apply the shadow in the fold of the eyelid from light (base) to dark.

The lid should always be well prepared. This can be done with a concealer that we fix with powder in stone or powder.

After that, we apply the lightest color in the crease, blending upwards, towards the eyebrows. That first shade can be a neutral brown or even bronzer, the goal is to define the fold of the eyelid and make a base for further intensification.

After that, we add the pigment to darker colors in the same fold, but lower, and we blend those two shades by blending. Some shimmer, sequins, or matte can also go on the lid ... everything is allowed!

For the end of course mascara. With this make-up technique, the blush should not be missing, my personal favorite is a bronze / brown smokey with some coral blush because it looks great on almost everyone.

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