Thumb Fashion Tricks: What to wear if you are under 5.25ft?

Thumb Fashion Tricks: What to wear if you are under 5.25ft

Short women and wardrobe - a painful and old story. When you are short, or at least shorter than the average woman, then you know how difficult it is to find adequate clothes. Many brands do not seem to have heard of sizes smaller than S, and it is even worse with the brands that produce them but in larger molds. Not to mention that the models were not made for short women.

So, good fashion advice on what to wear when you are lower than 5.25ft, gold worthy of short women.

Short women and wardrobe - how to find adequate clothes?

How do I choose the right size?

Since you are not of standard material, you must know some of your measures, so that you are always ready to buy. It is important to measure: chest, waist, hips, the depth of the pants you need, the range from the hips to the knees, as well as the circumference of the arm at the shoulder. There is a good chance that some of these measures will deviate from the standard.

Another important thing is that you need to be aware of what type of material you belong to. Just like women of normal height, short women have different proportions. You need to know which parts of the body to highlight and which to cover.

Where to buy it?

Surely you have already discovered brands that have non-standard sizes. You can also find good pieces of clothing among the standard sizes, but specific models. A classic mini skirt can replace a business skirt for you. A cropped blouse can replace a classic one, and a well-knitted tunic can be turned into a dress. Also, if you are lucky, capris or 3/4 pants can save you from visiting a tailor.

Fashion Tricks for Thumbs Up

Wear unbuttoned blazers and jackets

It is desirable to wear them above a monochrome combination of pants and a blouse or shirt. When you wear an unbuttoned blazer (jacket), you unconsciously make a long and thin line along the entire length of your body. That way you look taller and slimmer.

Use accessories

Heels are not the only accessory that will make you taller. The belt is also an extremely important accessory for short women.

Stylists recommend wearing belts just above the waistline. This shortens the torso and lengthens the legs, which ultimately gives you the illusion of height.


Do not wear oversized jewelry

As much as the trend this year dictates, oversized jewelry is simply not for short women. Choose pieces that are delicate and small, and therefore look harmonious on you. The same goes for handbags. S-size ones are made for you.


Maxi skirts only in monochrome editions

There is a common belief that maxi skirts and dresses are not for short women. Still, it’s just a prejudice. Stylists assure that short women can look great in maxi skirts, but only if they opt for a monochrome edition. At the same time, it is recommended to use blouses with a V-neck in such combinations.

Avoid oversized clothing

Oversized sweaters and jackets can be swallowed by short women. Be careful and you will not have to avoid this comfortable trend. If you are wearing an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt, be sure to choose skinny jeans. This will emphasize your figure and prevent you from getting lost in oversized clothes.

Boots above the knee

These boots, which have been a trend in recent years, can lengthen the figure. Combine them with jeans or high-waisted pants and, of course, don't forget the monochrome rule.
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