Tighten your body with just 15 minutes of exercise a day

Tighten your body with just 15 minutes

Fifteen minutes of exercise a day is all that is needed to define the waist and solve the most critical places on the body: arm muscles, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Fitness trainers have combined the most effective exercises to allow you to get a toned body with just 15 minutes of exercise. And in just a month.

This set of 11 exercises covers all the most important points on the body. The most effective exercises, provided that you do them correctly and completely devotedly, should show results in a month. Best of all, you can make them yourself and at home.

With these 15 minutes of intense training, it is recommended that you spend a few minutes warming up before and stretching after training. This reduces the chance of injury or muscle inflammation.

So, what are the exercises that make up this effective workout?

Effective whole body training

Jumps from foot to foot
duration: 30 seconds

This is a low-intensity cardio exercise. It affects the lateral abs, legs, and back.

Stand in a slightly outstretched position and straighten your back. Transfer the weight to the left leg and then jump to the right. As you jump to the right leg, the left is bent at the knee. In a steady rhythm, jump from one leg to the other, not forgetting to keep your back straight. Maintain a breathing rhythm at all times.

Ice skating
duration: 20 seconds

This is an exercise for the whole body, and it especially affects the torso and legs.

Stand on your right foot, and place your left behind you, slightly crossed to your right. Touch under the left hand then straightens the torso. With your left foot, take a wide step to the left and transfer the weight to it. Then switch the right leg behind the left, slightly crossed. Touch the floor with your right hand. Repeat the exercise in a steady rhythm, from left to right and back.

A common mistake: people bend their backs to touch the floor, instead of doing so by lowering into a deeper squat.

Tip: Don't rush. Concentrate on doing the exercise correctly.

Jumpin Jack
duration: 30 seconds

This is a great cardio exercise that has modalities. Low-intensity Jumping Jack is recommended.

Stand up straight. Step to the side alternately with your left and right foot. Each step should be followed by a swing of the arms to the cause above the head. The exercise is repeated without rest. Don't forget to breathe.

If this exercise is slow for you, you can do the classic variant with jumps.

Wide squat with crossed feet
duration: 20 seconds

This is a whole-body exercise that activates the buttocks, legs, back, and shoulders

Offset shoulder-width apart, back straight. You squat in a wide squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. While doing a squat with your left hand, you touch the toes on your right foot. The next time you squat, you will change your arm.

Make sure your knees are level with your feet while doing this exercise. Do not push them forward. (Read also: Due to these mistakes, squats do not give maximum effect)

Lifting on your toes
This low-intensity exercise is great for leaves.

duration: 20 seconds per leg

You stand with your back straight and your legs together. Raise your hands to your hips. Then lift your left leg and bend it slightly at the knee. The knee is slightly protruding forward. You rise on the toes of your right foot in a steady rhythm, trying to maintain balance. Exercise is done slowly, do not rush. After you finish exercising your right leg, you will repeat the whole series on your left leg.

Robotic arms
duration: 30 seconds

This exercise strengthens the shoulders and upper arm muscles.

Sit on your sheets, place your buttocks on your feet. Keep your back straight, be careful not to pull in or strain your neck. Spread your arms so that they occupy an angle of 180 degrees. Bend your arms at the elbows and straighten your forearms, palms facing outwards. The upper arms and forearms should take an angle of approximately 90 degrees. 

The movement you will perform goes from the shoulder. You rotate your palms relative to the imaginary eye made by your upper arms until your fingers are pointed at the floor. Then rotate them back. The exercise is repeated slowly, without interruption. Pay attention to the position of the shoulders and that the upper arms do not lose height.

Drawbridge with knees
duration: 20 seconds

This plank activates all the muscles of the torso, bringing you a flat stomach.

Place the body in a classic plank position. You are leaning on your forearms, which are shoulder-width apart and parallel, and on your knees. You rise first to the palm of your left hand, and then to the palm of your right hand, and then return to your forearms. All the time while performing the exercise, your back must be straight, your buttocks must not be raised. The abdomen must be retracted.

Biceps exercise
duration: 20 seconds

As its name suggests, this exercise is great for biceps

You sit on the leaves, your buttocks on your feet. The back is straight, the neck must not be burdened. Look right. You stretch your arms out in front of you and join them in the part from the palms to the elbows. The palms lookup. You gather your fists into fists. By bending your arms at the elbows, you draw your fists to your face without moving your upper arms. Then you return your hands to the starting position. The elbows must be at chest height at all times and must not be pushed to the side.

duration: 20 seconds

You all already know them. Without them, there is no flat stomach or waist.

You lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees. The arms are joined under the head. With the strength of your abdominal muscles, you raise your head and shoulders from the floor to the height you can. Repeat the exercise slowly, not allowing you to feel pain in your neck or shoulder muscles.

Abdomen elbow - knees
duration: 20 seconds

This exercise is also very well known, and it affects the whole choir.

Lie on the mat, watch your neck and shoulders. The knees are bent. You bend your body to join your elbows and knees and then return to a supine position.

Mountain climbing
duration: 20 seconds

This exercise strengthens endurance, strengthens the whole torso.

Position as for plank. You are leaning on the tips of your feet and your palms. The back is straight, the stomach is tucked in. Pelvis in line. Alternately, bend the left and then the right leg at the knee and move forward. Be careful not to lose your initial body position during the exercise.
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