Unjustified fear or realistic scenario - These are signs that your partner is cheating on you

signs that your partner is cheating on you 1

Numerous reasons lead to the end of the relationship. Feelings change, people move away, and sometimes you just can't be together anymore. Unfortunately, many do not dare to end a relationship directly and maturely, so they cheat on their partner. Whatever the reason, you can often notice signs that something is happening behind your back. How to recognize fraud and what are the warning signs? (Read: 10 characters that your partner is a manipulator)

He spends less time with you

An unfaithful partner often uses excuses such as overtime, late meetings, business dinners, and other commitments to have time for another woman. This is especially suspicious during a pandemic when most people have no additional activity.

There is no tenderness

Your sex life has changed drastically. He doesn't want to cuddle, he doesn't show intimacy like he used to do, he avoids sex. And maybe his libido is higher than ever, so he initiates new poses and things he used to avoid. To determine if someone is lying, compare their usual behavior with the current one. The greater the deviations, the greater the chance that the partner is unfaithful.

She cares a lot more about her appearance
An unfaithful partner usually starts buying new clothes, changes her hairstyle, or starts exercising because he wants to be attractive to other women as well. The sudden desire to look his best is pretty suspicious.

Little things in the car

The passenger seat has been moved or you have found an unknown strand of hair on the seat? Maybe the radio is tuned to a station you don't normally listen to? If you suspect fraud, look for evidence in the car.

signs that your partner is cheating on you 2

How to recognize fraud?

Behavioral changes

An unfaithful partner often takes a defensive stance when you ask him where he has been. He can turn everything against you and accuse you of being insecure, possessive, or sticking your nose in his life too much. An unfaithful partner has short nerves due to feelings of guilt. Suddenly, things start to bother him that didn't bother him until then.

Hiding the phone

Have you noticed that he no longer leaves his mobile phone on while he is with you? Sometimes he leaves the room to make a phone call or says something strange after he gets a message. Also, watch out for calls during the night. If you have access to his phone bill, review it. Look for unknown recurring phone numbers. (Read: What the experts say: When to admit cheating to a partner)

Higher spending of money

You may notice that your partner is cheating on you if he has been running out of money lately. Be careful whether he pays the bills in cash or more often withdraws money at an ATM, to cover up the paper trail.

Excessive interest in your schedule

If your partner suddenly wants to know all the details about your daily schedule, this is another signal to turn on the red light.
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