Wet hair: How to treat it properly?

Wet hair: How to treat it properly

Wet hair requires specific treatment. When the hair is wet, their surface layer, made up of squamous cells that overlap like scales, increases. It also temporarily disrupts the hair structure. After washing, most of us do not treat our hair very gently. 

He rubs it roughly with a towel, or with a brush/comb, trying to untangle his hair. The good news is that this negative trend in hair treatment can be easily stopped, and certain habits can be adopted that will ensure proper hair care and protection.

Wet hair "loves" cotton!

Proper hair treatment begins during washing. When you rinse the conditioner, switch the shower to cold water and rinse your hair once more. This will align the cuticle. Then, pick up your hair and gently squeeze out the excess water. Now the key is to choose a towel. 

The rough texture material will damage the cuticle. For this reason, wrap your hair in a soft cotton towel. Feel free to use an old, cotton t-shirt too! The density of either of these fabrics will not cause damage to the surface layer of the hair.

Careful with the comb!

It would be ideal to comb and untangle your hair before taking a shower. If it is necessary to untangle a knot in the hair, do it with your fingers during washing, while it is under the action of the conditioner. After showering/washing your hair, soak up excess water with a soft, cotton towel. 

Then comb your hair with a brush with flexible teeth that will not damage them. Always start the combing process from the ends. Then gradually go to the root. That way, the hair will not pull too much along its entire length.


Intensive hydration for better hair protection

Be sure to include a leave-in conditioner in your care regimen. In this way, you will provide a higher degree of hydration of the hair and close the cuticle, and thus better protect the hair. Choose products according to your hair type. This way you will retain moisture and not damage the texture. If your hair is thin, use mild water-based conditioners. 

They will provide enough moisture to the hair and will not cause oiliness. If your hair is thick and sharp, reach for a nourishing balm. The general rule is that it is applied to damp hair, from the middle of the hair to the ends.
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