Healthy habits for a healthy life

Healthy habits for a healthy life
So we will try to remind you of what each of us can do, improve, introduce into our healthy habits, to significantly improve the quality of life, prolong life - and simply bring much more peace, composure, and happiness into our daily lives.

10 Healthy habits

1. Dream - get some sleep

One of the most important healthy habits is to get a good night's sleep. How many times have you heard this advice, and this time it is not at the top of our list by any chance. The benefits of sleep are multiple - primarily because it protects our heart and cardiovascular system, in the short and long term.
It indirectly affects our good functioning during the day because it has a positive effect on digestion and the gastrointestinal tract - and finally, it allows us to complete all daily obligations and activities with much more strength and concentration, in less time, with more success.

2. Have breakfast every morning, before coffee

If you've heard about this often, and you've never put it into action, try it, do it for yourself this time - try it for at least a week without giving up. We all know what the morning rush means, and we understand that you may save time if you eat on the way to work or jump to the bakery on the first break.
However, these healthy habits will significantly protect your stomach and body if you get up twenty minutes early and eat at home. This will bring you much more strength, and a much stronger and healthier "morning start" than twenty minutes of longer sleep, or an unhealthy quick breakfast.

3. Get enough water

The benefits of proper water intake are so great that they require a special text, which we have already dealt with, so you can get acquainted with all aspects of the importance of its proper intake in the text about water in which we dealt with everything that truly makes water an elixir of life, beauty, and health. The basic rule, which applies to the average adult, is - eight glasses of water a day.

4. Exercise, move, walk - Healthy Habits

We do not invite you to succumb to Instagram trends, become a fitness addict, or a person burdened with physical appearance. We only remind you that if you sit too much, move too little, train irregularly, seriously put your body at a higher risk of disease and seriously shorten your life. And this does not only apply to obese people, but also to thin people who are physically inactive. 
We understand your rhythm and that there is not enough time for training - so remember - everything can be training. And walking instead of driving to work, and well-spent 10 minutes at home to exercise, and usually running, preferably out of town for cleaner air.

5. Take snacks for a healthier life

Believe it or not, you should have as many as five. A snack can be an apple or an orange, if you lose energy or you are already a little hungry and there is more until the break - then a banana.
Not only will you eat less greedily at lunch or dinner, and thus avoid overeating and drowsiness afterward, but you will do a lot for your health in the long run. You will reduce the possibility of cancerheart disease, and premature aging, and you will improve memory and restore energy for work.


6. Maintain oral hygiene

It may seem to you that we are reminding you of something that you do and that is part of the general culture, and also of something that cannot affect our organism and health so much. And there you would be wrong. Precisely because most people, although regularly and at a certain level, maintain oral hygiene, do not know how much impact the health of the mouth and teeth can have on our body.
It has been unequivocally proven that bacteria from the mouth, caused by insufficient hygiene or unrepaired defects, can affect the occurrence of heart disease, and the connection of oral bacteria with stroke, diabetes, and premature birth has also been proven. So oral hygiene is one of the most important healthy habits.

7. Reduce stress

If the previous advice seemed the least realistic to you, you may (although you know it is realistic) think that this is the most difficult to do. And you will probably be right. Still, ways to control and reduce stress do exist. Due to its breadth, we also dealt with this topic in a special text on stress management.
Working on yourself, changing the environment, humor as medicine, writingmeditationbeing in natureresonance, are just some of the tips on how to reduce stress.

8. Find a hobby

We believe that two things can be done to you, depending on which group you are in. If you work too much, work and other obligations do not leave you very little or no time - you will think: Where do you get time for hobbies. On the other hand, if you are out of work or in a worse financial situation, you will think that a lot of money is needed for various hobbies. 
To some extent, it is true that some hobbies take time and money, but not equally for all. Let the hobby be what you like to do, try it - you won't believe how much the hobby will rest you more than your daily work, and relieve you of stress, from, say, ordinary sleep. Also, if you have less money, there are many creative hobbies that, if you dedicate yourself enough to them, can become a decent source of income. And at the same time, you will do what you love.

9. Hang out

Another thing we often don’t have time for is socialization. Due to the accumulated obligations, the weekend does not seem enough to us, so we do not see our friends, with whom we live in the same city, for months. We often postpone socializing due to fatigue. However, if we make an effort and still go to socialize - we will be much better after that almost regularly. 
We will feel more rested, more energized, relieved of stress. At the same time, we will realize that we would have made a big mistake if we had not gone to socialize. Communication, laughter, energy exchange with other people, there is no adequate replacement.

10. Plan

One would say that there is no time for planning either. For a certain casualness and disorganization, we often think that it is almost genetically innate to us. However, that is not the case. And just a little organization on a daily and weekly level can save us a lot of stress and headaches, and can significantly make our days and lives easier and more beautiful. Planning will, after all, help you incorporate these nine activities listed above into your life as a regular.
Try these ten healthy habits you will see how much healthier your life will be.
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