Five ultimate rules for applying highlighters

highlighters Five ultimate rules

At a time when radiant, fresh and glowing skin is imperative, a highlighter is an indispensable member of every cosmetic kit. This product serves as a brightener for certain parts of the face and comes in different forms - liquid, creamy, compact, powdery. 

But even though you have read numerous expert tips and grown many tutorials, you are still not sure what is the best procedure for applying this preparation? Precisely because of that, we have united five indispensable, expert rules for the application of highlighters. They will, without a doubt, make your job easier and ensure the desired result.

The ultimate rules for applying highlighters

Try the color of champagne

This shade of highlighter suits everyone. The highlighter in a creamy form, without added pearlescent particles, enables the creation of a completely natural effect on the skin.

Moderate with quantity

Most women apply a thicker layer of highlighter, which can only create a "plastic face" effect. So, apply it in a smaller amount on the index finger, middle and middle finger, and then gently rub the palm of the opposite hand with them (this will remove the excess preparation). Then, tap your fingers up and down the cheekbones, and - finally - rub the rest of the highlighter into the arches of the eyebrows and the middle part of the chin. Just touch the tip of your nose with your finger.

Forget about wrinkling your nose

Do not apply a highlighter on this part of the face, unless your nose is extremely flat. Otherwise, the impression of excess fat could be created. And you certainly don't want that!

Apply the highlighter on the cheekbones again

Dip your fingers once more in the highlighter and pat the cheekbones, then apply the blush. The highlighter will be visible under the blush, which will make the skin look as if it is lightened from the inside. Try to combine peach blush and a champagne highlighter.

Matte skin appearance is (almost) just as important as glow!

If certain parts of the face remain matte, those on which you have applied highlighter will be especially pronounced. For this reason, apply a small amount of loose powder on the forehead - as well as on the nose. Such a simple, yet so effective trick!
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