How to make your hair grow faster

To really support hair growth, think about it in two directions: to maintain its health and to stimulate growth. The first direction includes standard lessons on hair care, and the second requires a little more effort: you have to act on the hair from the inside.

Tips for faster hair growth in a natural way

1. Cleansing and massaging the scalp

If you want your hair to grow faster, you have to start from the source: the scalp. First, chronically inflamed skin in this area - which often occurs due to tension, oxidative stress, and conditions such as dermatitis - can lead to hair loss or thinning. One study showed that inflammation caused by pollution and oxidative stress is the main cause of hair loss in adults. 

This happens because the inflammatory process closes the hair follicle, limits growth and ultimately, leads to decline. Inflammation will affect the quality of hair growth. This happens when the remnants of various products, dirt and fat accumulate around the follicles - from which the hair cannot grow. Therefore, the first and foremost is regular washing of the scalp with non-aggressive shampoos. 

During washing, massage the scalp to improve circulation, remove stress and stimulate hair follicles. It’s a win-win situation. Also, regular massages promote hair growth. Massage affects the circulation, and thus the necessary nutrients and oxygen reach the hair follicles without hindrance. 

2. Use hair growth supplements, such as collagen and biotin


These two ingredients affect hair growth because they provide the body with the necessary nutrients. Hair is made up of proteins - keratin, which contains amino acids such as cysteine, serine, glutamic acid, glycine, and proline. 

Both collagen and biotin (vitamin B7) contain the mentioned amino acids, which means that they support hair growth. Biotin is perhaps the most famous guardian of hair health.

Weak and thinning hair, as well as hair loss, are common symptoms and can be alleviated by consuming biotin. Talk to your chosen doctor about choosing a biotin supplement. 

As for collagen, it helps hair growth because it improves the health of the scalp, as well as the skin of the whole body. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides affect the production of natural collagen, which then reaches the entire body, including, of course, the scalp.

3 Protect your hair from physical damage

This does not necessarily affect the improvement of hair growth, but it protects the length you currently have. Physical damage - caused by more aggressive brushing, blow-drying, tying - leads to hair breakage. And while there is some broken hair is a completely normal occurrence, cracked hair will prevent you from reaching the desired length because you will have to cut the ends more often.

Keep a few things in mind when it comes to damage - squeezing your hair with rubber bands and clips leads to friction and pulling, so use as soft hair bands as possible. 

Change your hairstyle regularly so as not to create pressure in the same place every day. Also, change the side on which you wear the partition. Not only is it healthy for the hair, but it completely changes the overall look, and a new volume is created.

The method of brushing is also important - comb from the roots to the ends. Keep in mind that hair is most vulnerable when it is wet, so shampoo it more gently. Rough rubbing of shampoo leads to the appearance of knots and tangles that will be difficult to get rid of.

Finally, keep in mind what you wear when you exercise: we usually tie our hair in a ponytail because it bothers us. An overstretched tail, as already mentioned, causes damage. Rather choose a relaxed braid during exercise, because you will reduce hair damage.

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