Proper stress management

Proper stress management

The title may sound strange to you, because knowing how dangerous stress is for our health, it would be ideal to eliminate it, and not manage it. However, nowadays, in modern life and pace, stress is simply impossible to avoid. However, there are ways, methods, and techniques that can alleviate it.

Workplace stress

It is work that often causes stress, which disrupts the quality of all other aspects of life. Due to too many daily obligations, unfavorable working conditions, job insecurity, and poor interpersonal relationships at work, a large number of people suffer. In such circumstances, stress can be alleviated in two ways - by changing the organization at work, working on interpersonal relationships, or proper stress management.

stress in the work

Stress in the family

Unfortunately, the family is sometimes an environment in which significant emotional problems arise. Due to the poor functioning of the family, people suffer while they are at home, but also when they leave the house, they carry their worries and worries with them, which they then bring into everything they do. Because of this, when working on oneself, one must also work on family relations.

Also, people often create unnecessary stress for themselves by imagining negative scenarios and fearing things that never happen in the end. In our society, it is common to worry, as if greater care means a more conscientious attitude towards life, and the opposite is true - excessive care is just a lack of control and a sign of inability to cope with everyday life problems.

Stress in the family


1. Work on yourself

It is necessary to first change our attitude towards stressful situations and to move away from everything bad that we cannot influence. Changing patterns of behavior is not easy, and it would always be good to seek professional help. Unfortunately, few people in our country still decide to seek psychological help, retaining all the toxic emotions. 

When we have a toothache - we seek the help of a dentist, when we break an arm - we seek the help of a doctor, so it would be logical to seek the help of a therapist in states of internal "brokenness". However, we rarely decide on that.

2. Changing the environment

Change is also something we shy away from, and the reason for that is often just the fear of the unknown. So we prefer to stay in an environment that destroys us. Instead, the maximum determination should be made to change things that can change, and if that is not possible, the environment should be changed. 

We must not allow any job, or person, to exhaust and destroy us. If we want a normal and meaningful life, during which we will contribute to our family and society, then we must first take care of ourselves and our health.

3. Humor as medicine

No matter how hard we try to completely eradicate stress, we will not succeed. In principle, stress stimulates our development to a certain extent, so it would not be good if it did not exist at all. So, if we conclude that stress is inevitable, it is always good, whenever possible, to approach it with a healthy dose of humor. Often we take everything that happens to us too seriously, and most of our worries end up being meaningless. Therefore, whenever possible, try to turn your worries into joy.

4. Writing, meditation, and staying in nature

Writing can be a very good way to get rid of negative emotions, but also to realize what is in you that is bothering you. Meditation can reduce the whole range of physical and mental ailments. Everyday work on this type of psychophysical relaxation can create excellent predispositions for the complete balance of our organism.

Preoccupation with daily obligations, lack of free time, and lack of energy distract us from being in nature of which we are a part and which can help us to return to ourselves and achieve inner harmony.

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