Seven types of earrings that every woman must have

These seven types of earrings every woman must have in a jewelry box to be ready for any occasion. Earrings for all occasions: from a business meeting, through cocktails, to a crazy party.


The hoops have already become a classic. Whether they are jewelry or precious metals, these earrings are constantly returning to fashion. They are usually combined with more casual styles: from sports to gypsy or boho style. The choice depends on their size and the material from which they are made.

It is an unwritten rule to leave large links for late afternoon and evening events. When wearing large hoops, it is not necessary to remove hair from the face, if you have lush or wavy hair. If your hair is weaker, opt for medium-sized links. Remove hair from the face.

Large hoops are for relaxed occasions. For more conventional events, you should choose some other earrings. Or at least opt for a more reduced model of links.

Polymer clay earrings

These earrings are extremely affordable, and you can find them in all variants. They are available in regular geometric shapes, monochromatic, colorful, with ornaments.

Polymer clay earrings refresh the wardrobe and bring a breath of youth. Their shape should adapt to the shape of the face. The color depends on the effect they are supposed to cause. The most colorful ones are great for breaking up classic clothing combinations. They are easier to combine. In any case, these earrings are also intended for an everyday, relaxed occasion.

Zircon earrings

Worship zircons or not, you can't avoid them. Zircon earrings are necessary for a jewelry box. They are great for all evening occasions: going to a club with a friend, family weddings, parties.

If you are not a fan of zircons, smaller earrings are colorless or black for you. Limit yourself to three to five zircons. If you love zircons, there are no limits for you. All colors and all shapes are available: from classic screw earrings to hanging earrings.

What you should not forget, whatever zircons you choose, is that they require hair removed from the face. If they are on dangling earrings, then the hair should be removed from the neck as well.

Pearl earrings

This is a must-have. Ladies who can afford real pearls can be considered lucky. For those who can’t, phenomenal copies are produced. Throw yourself into the search for such.

Pearl earrings are considered a classic. They are suitable for all events: from a business meeting, through a quick lunch with friends, to the first meeting in a little black dress. They are extremely feminine and are produced in various variants. In the case of these earrings, you are free to follow the rule that less is more.

Flirty earrings

This is the pair of earrings that you don't even know why you bought, or when you will wear them. They are completely crazy, they break all the clich├ęs and they are hard to fit. You just adore them.

You should wear them when you are in a good mood and when you are expecting crazy fun. It doesn't matter what you combine them with. However, it is recommended that the T-shirt be one-color and that you do not wear an organ, to stand out.

The fruit is in fashion this year, so you won't go wrong if you opt for glittering earrings in the shape of a banana, pineapple, or strawberry.

Mini earrings

These earrings are the complete opposite of flirting. Miniature earrings, on a screw, are ideal for all occasions where you do not want to attract attention.

They are great if you do sports or are just getting ready for an active day. Mini earrings are also desirable when wearing eye-catching necklaces. They can be extremely miniature, so they look like the head of a pin. They can also have a specific shape or message. Be careful if you choose symbols so that you do not unknowingly send messages that you do not want.

Cuff earrings

These are not ordinary clip earrings. Ear cuffs are a kind of ear jewelry, which covers almost the entire outer arch of the lip shell. They can contain zircons, pearls, hanging elements… There are almost no rules.

Earrings of this type carry the message of rebellion and the breath of punk. They are great for short-haired women of unusual style. They are also great for special occasions and even celebrations.
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