Terrazzo manicure is a spring hit!

Terrazzo manicure spring hit

DIY nail art is really popular, and the terrazzo manicure occupies one of the central places on the Instagram idea map. It is a perfect way to experiment with shades, it is colorful, interesting, and best of all, you can create it yourself at home. All you need for this endeavor are a few nail polishes in your favorite color, as well as a narrow brush for creating details, which is the point of a terrazzo manicure.

How to create a terrazzo manicure?

For a start, the most important thing is to apply the foundation carefully. Neatness and precision are simply taken for granted since the terrazzo pattern will not completely cover the base. After that, you can continue to create a pattern of your choice. Both smaller mosaic pieces and larger, more striking shapes are in play. However, it is important to choose similar shapes and sizes for each color.

Start with one color, and draw the desired shapes. When they listen, move on to the other. Once they dry, move on to the "game" with the third shade and new shapes. Finally, coat the nails with Top Coat (top coat) to fix the colors. Done! How do you like the result?

Terrazzo manicure decor 1

Terrazzo manicure decor 2

Terrazzo manicure decor 3

Terrazzo manicure decor 4

Terrazzo manicure decor 5

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