Forget about skinny jeans! Bell stockings are in trend again

What kind of jeans are in fashion, you wonder. Good jeans are, for most women, one of the favorites and basic pieces on which every outfit rests. In the abundance of denim styles, this year there is only one commandment: run away from tight jeans!

What kind of jeans are in fashion this season?

What kind of jeans are in fashion this season


This model of jeans implies that the legs are spread at the bottom. The most famous form of bootcut is jeans with flat legs. However, one somewhat forgotten shape will return to fashion this season: bell-shaped socks.

High waist

Although the summer of 2020, and especially the influencers on social networks, announced that a low waist could return to fashion - that did not happen. This year, too, we are choosing jeans with a deep waist. Stylists even recommend choosing jeans with an ultra-high waist option. Details like a belt or visible buttons are desirable.

Faded jeans

When it comes to the color of denim, stylists are almost unanimous and suggest faded jeans. At the same time, as an option for those who do not accept this, the black color of jeans appears.

Important Note: If you wear jeans to work or are over 35, avoid bleached denim. It just doesn’t look particularly good.

Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans will be in fashion this year as well, in various forms. What the stylist recommends, if you decide on this shape, is to combine it with tight T-shirts. This year, don't pair them with oversized pieces.

Are skinny jeans completely out of fashion?

Skinny, stylists agree, has now become a classic piece and no force will make it completely undesirable. However, this year he is simply not on the list of trendy pieces of clothing. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear it if you’re a fan, though.

A good old skinny, if you want to wear it in 2021, it must have an extremely high waist and capri pants length (5 to 8 centimeters above the ankle). It would be best to choose those skinny ones that have visible and conspicuous buttons. If this is too much for you or, simply, your build doesn't suffer from showing your waist and hips, then choose black denim.
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