With these tricks, strong cuticles will never be a problem again

strong cuticles tricks

Do you have strong cuticles? This can be a problem, especially if you are trying to fix them yourself at home. That is why there are tips from celebrity manicures that reveal to you the easiest and healthiest way to fix your strong cuticles.

What exactly are cuticles?

Cuticles are a thin layer of dead skin that develops at the base of the nail and is there to protect the nail from bacteria and fungi.

By themselves, cuticles are not a health problem, on the contrary. Problems arise only if the cuticles become inflamed or if we handle them unprofessionally. However, cuticles are an insurmountable aesthetic problem for most women, especially if they are strong. Varnished nails and cuticles are not exactly an ideal combination.

- When it comes to a manicure, removing and treating cuticles is important. If the cuticles still cover a part of the nail plate, the nail polish will come off, and the nails will look messy - says Elizabeth Garcia, a manicurist.

How to process strong cuticles?

Keep in mind that your cuticles have a protective function and that is why it is important not to be too aggressive. Experts, instead of cutting, always recommend pushing dead skin off the nail plate.

- Constant cutting causes the cuticle to tear and the cuticles to become harder. If you don't know what exactly you are doing, you can even end up with a nasty infection - warns Alicia Torrelo, a nail artist.

Torello and Garcia recommend the use of stainless steel cuticle pushers. The best, they reveal, are the pushers with a double end or those in the shape of a spoon.

- The rounded end is the best for gently and easily pushed off the cuticle - says Garcia.

Dedicate yourself to cutting your cuticles during the shower or immediately after it. When the cuticles are exposed to warm water for a while, they soften, so they are easier to process.

Before you start, it would not be bad to put cuticle oil, to further soften the skin. When the oil is absorbed, holding the pusher at an angle of 45 degrees to the nail, gently push part by part of the cuticle. Only when the cuticles are arranged according to your taste, start polishing the nails.

Cuticles should be trimmed every four to seven days if you want them to be tidy all the time.

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